F rank Poullas is an Australian energy executive whose commercial acumen combined with big-picture thinking and ability to recognise game-changing, disruptive megatrends has helped him transform multiple business into highly profitable enterprises.

He currently serves as chairman and CEO of Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, a vertically aligned lithium-ion battery and materials company, which saw its market cap increase from $20m to $700m since Poullas took the reins in 2010.

He also continues to consult with public companies involved in or looking at entering the lithium-ion battery material sector. 


Frank Poullas was appointed chairman of Magnis Energies in September 2010, when the company was primarily a pure graphite miner. With graphite playing a key role in the production of lithium-ion battery production, Poullas recognised early that they demand for lithium-ion batteries was only going to skyrocket.

This is when he began to shift the company’s focus from graphite mining to lithium-ion battery production.

Although there were many naysayers at first, Poullas’ decision ultimately proved to be the right one. When Poullas took over in 2010, the company had a market cap of $20m. Today it sits around $700m.


Magnis Energy is the largest shareholder of Imperium3 New York (iM3NY), touted to potentially be the ‘greenest gigafacory in the world’. Poullas currently sits on iM3NY’s board.

iM3NY will generate 1 giga-watt hour of high-grade lithium-ion battery cells per year. A study by the New York State Energy Development and Research Authority (NYSERDA) has determined that the plant’s batteries fall on the lower end of the expected range of lifecycle impacts – largely due to the fact that the factory will be powered by green energy.

Thanks in part to Poullas’ ability to ‘make things happen’, iM3NY was recently awarded a large federal grant as part of US President Joe Biden’s 2021 stimulus package


Poullas also sits on the board of CCCV (C4V), an intellectual property company with patented discoveries in lithium-ion battery composition and manufacturing.

It’s C4V’s technology that underpins the lithium-ion batteries being produced by Imperium3 New York.

As a testament to Poullas’ ability to surround himself with brilliant thinkers, other C4V board members include C4V CEO and co-founder Dr. Shailesh Upreti, whose ground-breaking research has led to improvements in the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries; as well as Upreti’s mentor Dr. Stanley Wittingham, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the first rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
C4V CEO and co-founder Shailesh Upreti discussing C4V technology, Magnis partnership and iM3NY


Magnis Energy owns a 100% interest in the Nachu graphite project, a large graphite mine that produces some of the highest quality graphite in the world.

It produces Super Jumbo Flake graphite used in aerospace, composites and niche markets; Jumbo Flake graphite used in electronics; and the highly purified Spherical graphite used in lithium-ion batteries.

Frank helped spearhead the development of the mine to gain competitive advantage from the quality of graphite and security of non-China supply chain.